What Did You Expect? – June 4, 2019

2 Samuel 22.1-23.23; Acts 2.1-47; Psalm 122.1-9; Proverbs 16.19-20

Even though the Jewish people knew the sayings and predictions of the prophets, more times than not they seemed surprised or even more to the point, unaware when these prophesies came true. What do you think the people were expecting when they read that God would pour out his Spirit on the people (from the prophet Joel)? How did their expectations compare to what they actually were seeing there in Jerusalem?


What song would you sing describing the saving acts of God in your life?

What things do we as a church need to do differently to look like the picture we see in Acts 2.42-47?

What joy do you receive when you go to the house of the Lord? Is this the common way you think about going to His house? Why or why not?

How well do you listen to instructions?

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