God’s Instructions – May 29, 2019

2 Samuel 14.1-15.22; John 18.1-24; Psalm 119.97-112; Proverbs 16.8-9

One of the things that often happens to believers is a tendency to assume the effort to remain in Christ, to continue to follow him, is not nearly as significant as the effort to get to know him in the first place. While there may be some truth to this idea–first knowing is certainly a key hurdle to overcome–scripture is full of examples of followers of Jesus longing to continue in God’s word. What do you do regularly to continue to learn more about God’s instruction … and what can you do more?


Why do you think David did not put a stop to Absalom’s actions at the city gates? Do you think he even knew what his son was doing?

Why do you think the Roman soldiers and Temple guards drew back from Jesus when he confessed who he was?

How have God’s commands made you wise?

In what ways does God determine your steps?

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