Remembering A Friend – May 26, 2019

2 Samuel 9.1-11.27; John 15.1-27; Psalm 119.49-64; Proverbs 15.33

Today we discover some of the highs and lows of David. First, he seeks out the descendants of Saul to show them kindness on behalf of Jonathan. This being in spite of how Saul treated him. Second, he commits sin with Bathsheba, but does so in the most despicable of ways, having her husband killed in battle. Given these stories of David, what do you learn about God and his love for his people? What do you learn about the ways sinful people follow a holy God?


How often do we assume the worse about someone’s actions, only to have it backfire and cause us problems?

What does it look like, practically speaking, to remain in Christ?

What promises of God do you remember and hold on to?

What does it mean to commit your actions to the Lord? What would be the contrast of this? Which do you do more and why?

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