Faithful and Good – May 13, 2019

1 Samuel 14.1-52; John 7.31-53; Psalm 109.1-31; Proverbs 15.5-7

One of the reasons we can have faith in God to act on our behalf is that he is so faithful and good. In Psalm 109, as well as many other instances in scripture, we hear the author “remind” God of his nature. Being faithful and good is core to who God is, so calling out to him for rescue is not at all foreign to God’s being. How does your perception of God need to change in order for you to understand that he is indeed faithful and good?


Was Saul being disobedient in not following through with the vow/curse he made about his army not eating, especially with his son Jonathan? Why or why not?

Why do you think the people have such a hard time determining whether Jesus really is the Messiah?

What do you do when God seems silent and aloof?

What have you learned from times of discipline and correction in your life?

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