Famous – May 12, 2019

1 Samuel 12.1-13.23; John 7.1-30; Psalm 108.1-13; Proverbs 15.4

You really can’t blame Jesus’ brothers for wanting to get Jesus in the limelight more. After all, if Jesus was the savior of the world, wouldn’t he need to be in front of large numbers of the “world” in order to start saving them? Be famous, they say. Makes sense, right? Why is Jesus’ brother’s desire for him to make himself more famous misplaced in today’s story? What do you think would have been a better response on their part?


Why is it so easy for us, like Saul, to assume we need to do God’s job for him?

Why do you think Jesus goes ahead and goes to the Festival, but does so in secret?

How do you react to reading that God’s love is higher than the mountains and his faithfulness reaches to the clouds?

When have you used deceit and in doing so, crushed someone’s spirit?

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