Give Them A King – May 10, 2019

1 Samuel 8.9-9.27; John 6.22-42; Psalm 106.32-38; Proverbs 14.34-35

In what may be the most blatant act of disobedience in scripture, the people of Israel come to Samuel and request an earthly king. This hurts Samuel in a couple of ways. First, it is a rejection of Samuel as their leader. Second, and more importantly, it rejects God as their king. God knows this and tells Samuel: It is not you they are rejecting, but me. How bold do you have to be to reject the creator of the universe as your king? In what ways do we continue to ask for an earthly king, rather than allow God to be our king?


Even after God warns the people of what a king would do to them, they still request a king. What do you think it would have taken for the people of Israel to pause and reflect on what they were really getting in return?

What does Jesus mean when he says he is the bread of life?

How does God gather his people from among the wicked today?

How might godliness make our nation great today?

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