Feed These People – May 9, 2019

1 Samuel 5.1-7.17; John 6.1-21; Psalm 106.13-31; Proverbs 14.32-33

Jesus is setting Philip up. He knows there is no way Philip alone can feed all of these people. He actually did not have to resources to feed any of these people, yet Jesus still asks him. With the help of Jesus, however, it could be done. What will it take for you to have faith that you–with the help of Jesus–can accomplish things way beyond what you think you can do?


How do you think you would have reacted if you saw the idol of Dagon face down on the floor?

Why does Jesus always tell his followers to not be afraid in the most frightening situations?

Why do we so quickly forget what God has done for us?

How have you seen “disaster” not be a crushing blow to someone? How has their faith proven to be the difference?

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