Fighting Words – May 8, 2019

1 Samuel 2.22-4.22; John 5.24-47; Psalm 106.1-12; Proverbs 14.30-31

Imagine if someone began to share with you some ideas that ran counter to how you thought and more importantly, what you had been taught your entire life. Would you be distrustful of him? And now imagine that not only was your thinking being called into question, but you were told that the teacher of these original ideas would show you how wrong you were in holding them. Sounds ludicrous, does’t it? Yet Jesus, by bringing Moses into his argument, does just that. Why did the Jewish people have such a hard time believing that Moses was pointing to Jesus as the Messiah?


Why do you think Eli refused to fully and appropriately address the issue of sinful behavior by his boys?

How have you seen scripture point to Jesus, especially the Old Testament, which is what Jesus would have been referencing here?

How does God’s everlasting love change how you live your own life?

Why does oppressing the poor insult God, our Maker?

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