I Will Give Him Back – May 7, 2019

1 Samuel 1.1-2.21; John 5.1-23; Psalm 105.37-45; Proverbs 14.28-39

We feel for Hannah. She was a woman who did not have children and was reminded of that fact by her “sister-wife” on a regular basis (who did have children, by the way). Not only that, she is accused by the priest of being drunk while she is praying, of all things. Hannah promises God that she will give a child born to her back to God in a very literal way. For us, this promise may seem somewhat rash, yet aren’t all of us who are parents called to do the same thing? We have our children for a short time and our responsibility is to raise them up in such a way so as to help them follow God. What have you done to give your children back to God?


How do you think Hannah felt about Peninnah? And do you think Peninnah was as big of a jerk as she sounds from our reading?

How much of a reassurance is it for you to hear that God is always working, even on his “days off?”

When has God provided for you even in what felt like the biggest time of wilderness wandering?

How does understanding help someone control his or her temper?

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