And He Believed Him – May 6, 2019

Ruth 2.1-4.22; John 4.43-54; Psalm 105.16-36; Proverbs 14.26-27

If I am going to believe in something you say, I really want some sort of proof that you will actually come through and do what you say you will. It’s the reason we have deposits and contracts and in days gone by, a handshake. What does is take to believe Jesus can do something in your life that you have never seen up to this point?


In what ways was Boaz devoted to God, but also Naomi and Ruth in the story of Ruth?

Why do you think it was unusual for a government official to bring a request to Jesus that he would heal his son?

Why is recounting the things God has done in our lives an important part of building our faith?

What are ways people try to find security in their lives besides fearing the Lord?

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