I Rejoice In Your Success – May 4, 2019

Judges 19.1-20.48; John 3.22-4.3; Psalm 104.24-35; Proverbs 14.22-24

One of the hardest things there is to do is rejoice in the successes of others, especially when their success is the success you may have been striving for. How do you think it felt to be John the Baptist and see his ministry suddenly affected by the coming of Jesus? What does John’s understanding about his role have to say about how we view our own role in sharing the Good News of Jesus?


What sort of reaction do you have when you read through today’s text from the book of Judges? Why is this the case and how do you think this helps you understand God?

What was the importance of the Pharisees knowing Jesus was gaining more followers than John?

How do you praise the Lord with everything that you are? Are they ways you can praise him more or in more areas of your life?

What has been the result of your plans to do good?

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