Spiritual Life – May 3, 2019

Judges 17.1-18.31; John 3.1-21; Psalm 104.1-23; Proverbs 14.20-21

Our world tends to work under the premise of if you want to be good at something, you learn a lot and work really hard and success comes. (If you have worked hard enough, that is.) Jesus tells Nicodemus that it doesn’t work that way in spiritual life. You may work hard at following Jesus, but it is the Holy Spirit that gives spiritual life. The emphasis therefore is: How well are you letting the Spiritual have control of your life in order to grow?


What sort of ending did you expect from the story of Micah, his idol, and his priests? How does this compare to how this story actually ends?

How does God sending his son Jesus to save the world match your thinking about God and his interaction with his people?

When we read a psalm like today’s, we are celebrating the sovereignty of God, who created all things. How does the truth of God being the creator shape how you view him and his love for you?

Have you ever belittled a neighbor?

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