Forgiveness – April 27, 2019

Judges 7.1-8.17; Luke 23.13-43; Psalm 97.1-98.9; Proverbs 14.7-8

Jesus is hanging on the cross, slowly dying for the sins of the world. Below him are all of the people shouting insults and derogatory comments to him. The people responsible for his death are watching on with glee. The people who swore they would die with Jesus are nowhere to be found. How would you respond to your enemies if you had been in Jesus’ situation? How does Jesus respond? How can we move to be able to respond in this way to our enemies?


What sort of moments do we have today when our enemy’s armies are huge and ours are tiny, well, tiny plus God? How can we trust God more in these circumstances?

What do you think the early readers of Luke’s gospel would have have thought when they read that Pilate declared Jesus innocent?

What new song do you sing today as a result of God’s wonderful deeds?

How can we love others while still staying away from fools?

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