I Don’t Know Him! – April 26, 2019

Judges 6.1-40; Luke 22.54-23.12; Psalm 95.1-96.13; Proverbs 14.5-6

We get Peter. In reality, he may the disciple most like us – quick to say something, even when it is wrong. Quick to jump to an action without ever thinking through where the action might lead us. We are too much like Peter not to like him. Which means, of course, had we been there with Jesus, we might also have sworn to Jesus that we would follow him anywhere and sworn at others that we didn’t even know him. Why is it so easy for us to say one thing, but then act in a way that is totally contrary?


Why do you think Gideon was so intent on testing to see if God was really calling him? How do we do the same thing?

How hard do you think it would have been for Jesus not to defend himself when he was being accused?

Why does Psalm 95 say we should praise God?

Why are people prone to not be completely honest with their witness, with the way they describe things they have seen?

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