The Greatest – April 24, 2019

Judges 2.10-3.31; Luke 22.14-34; Psalm 92.1-93.5; Proverbs 14.1-2

It is interesting to me that a conversation about someone going to betray Jesus leads to one about who is the greatest. Not only are we not content with NOT being the worst, we have to prove our worth as the greatest. There is such an irony that those squabbling over greatness were sitting sharing a meal with the one who was the greatest and was about to prove it in the most dramatic of ways. Why do get caught up in the greatness argument, all the while missing those who are great around us?


What can you do to ensure that the generation you are a part of does not grow up to forget the Lord?

How well do you think the disciples understood the significance of the Passover meal they shared with Jesus? Do you think they had any clue as to what was about to happen?

List reasons you have to give thanks to the Lord.

How does following the right path demonstrate our fear of the Lord?

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