No Big Deal – April 23, 2019

Judges 1.1-2.9; Luke 21.29-22.13; Psalm 90.1-91.16; Proverbs 13.24-25

It seemed like such an innocent plan: the descendants of Joseph making a deal with a man who helped them win the battle in return for them sparing his life. Without his help, the tribe may not have gained victory, or so it seemed. Yet God had told them: Do not make a covenant with the people of the land. They disobeyed and were punished for it, even if their actions seemed like “no big deal.” Why is following God’s directions always a big deal?


Why do you think Judah goes to get Simeon’s help in conquering the nations? Why was this a problem?

Why do you think Judas agreed to betray Jesus? Was it just about the money or do you think there may have been other motivations?

God’s view of the universe, including his concept of time, is so completely different than our own. Why is it a blessing to follow a God who does not operate by the same understandings we do?

Why is discipline so important for raising children?

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