So You Had A Bad Day – April 20, 2019

Joshua 21.1-22.20; Luke 20.1-26; Psalm 89.1-13; Proverbs 13.15-16

How would you like to have been the teachers and leaders of the law for the Jewish people? Here Jesus comes into their city and their temple and makes a huge commotion, causing all of the people to be amazed by him. They try to trick him and not only does he not fall for it, he tells the people a story that is obviously about them and an unfavorable one at that. They want to arrest Jesus, but any attempt to do so would bring about a riot. Why did the Jewish leaders have such a difficult time “containing” Jesus?


Why were the Levites offered a different type of portion of the land?

What were the Jewish leaders really asking when they asked Jesus about the authority by which he did all of his actions?

What aspects about God’s love would cause you to sing about them forever?

In what ways do you think before you act?

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