Peace – April 19, 2019

Joshua 19.1-20.9; Luke 19.28-48; Psalm 88.1-18; Proverbs 13.12-14

As Jesus approached Jerusalem for the final time, he began to weep. He said: I wish that you, of all people, would understand the way to peace. Jerusalem would have been the cultural, political, and most importantly, religious center of the Jewish people. Of course they should understand the way to peace, but they didn’t. Jesus’ reaction is understandable. When have you had a similar reaction lion and longed for someone to know peace, but they didn’t?


What was the purpose of the refuge cities for the Israelites?

How often do you think people would have shouted for someone entering into Jerusalem? What does this tell you about Jesus’ entrance?

How does the psalmist appeal to God’s faithfulness for salvation?

What happens to those who ignore the instructions of the wise?

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