Thank You – April 15, 2019

Joshua 11.1-12.24; Luke 17.11-37; Psalm 84.1-12; Proverbs 13.5-6

It is easy for us to get so busy we forget to reflect on the good things happening around us. And when we forget to reflect, we forget to say thank you. It’s not that we are not thankful, it’s just that we are so focused on other things we forget to show our gratitude to the One who gives us all good things. What do you need to thank God for today?


Why would this collection of kings think a vast horde, that is, more and more people would be any match for God?

If the Kingdom of God is already among us, how does that change our lives today?

Do we long to be in the courts of God? How is being in the presence of God better than any other place we can be?

Do we hate lies?

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