Ancient Words – April 14, 2019

Joshua 9.3-10.43; Luke 16.1-19-17.10; Psalm 83.1-18; Proverbs 13.4

In the parable of the rich man and Lazarus, Abraham tells the rich man that if people didn’t listen to Moses, they would not listen to one who even rose from the dead. Jesus tells this parable with intent. It wasn’t the rich man in the story who needed to listen, it was the rich men sitting around Jesus who needed ears to hear. Why do people fail to listen to warnings from the past, instead looking for some spectacular message from today?


How often do you consult with the Lord when a decision in your personal life needs to be made? How can you remind yourself to consult him more?

Pray the prayer of the disciples: Show us how to increase our faith.

Describe a time when you might have made the claim that God was deaf. Was this really the case? How do you know?

Why do you think the proverb writer spends so much time warning his readers about the faults of laziness?

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