Monuments – April 13, 2019

Joshua 7.16-9.2; Luke 16.1-18; Psalm 82.1-8; Proverbs 13.2-3

When the Israelites cross the Jordan, Joshua has the people collect 12 stones to stack them as monuments of remembrance. The author of the book of Joshua comments “they are still there to this day.” The writer says the same about another stack of stones, those covering Achan and his family, following the punishment that happened to them for disobeying God’s commands. Two stacks of stones. Two visible reminders. One choice. Which reminder will you leave?


What have you heard about how God works through his people? What is your response to what you have heard?

How have you been faithful with even the little things of God today?

How well do we provide justice for the poor, the orphans, the oppressed, etc.? How can we do better at this?

In what ways have you seen the words of the proverb writer to be true: that opening our mouths ruin everything?

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