Notorious Sinners and Such – April 12, 2019

Joshua 5.1-7.15; Luke 15.1-32; Psalm 81.1-16; Proverbs 13.1

All throughout the stories of Jesus’ life, there are examples of the kinds of people he hung out with, people who were, according to the “right” people, the “wrong” people. Which makes me wonder: If you were going to evaluate your willingness to share the good news of Jesus using only the people you associate with as your standard, how would you stack up?


Why was it so important for Israel to destroy everything in Jericho?

Jesus tells three stories about lost things that follow a similar pattern. When you read stories like this, the point of the collection of stories is often that which is different in one of the stories. What IS different in these three stories?

In what ways has God taken a load from your shoulders?

Why is it so hard for us to listen to correction? What can we do to hear this criticism better?

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