Step Right In – April 11, 2019

Joshua 3.1-4.24; Luke 14.7-35; Psalm 80.1-19; Proverbs 12.27-28

I wonder what the priests were thinking, walking toward an overflowing, fast-moving river, knowing they could not simply stop at the river’s edge and hope their way across. No, they had to step in by faith, all the way in, not just a toe to test out the water. I wonder what we think about stepping out in faith: just a small testing of what’s to come, waiting for a response or all-in, trusting God through the entire process?


What reminders do you have for your children or for friends and family to help prompt questions about God’s faithfulness?

Who are you inviting to your banquets?

Pray today that God will show you his mighty power.

Rewrite Proverbs 12.27 in your own words.

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