Do Not Fear – April 6, 2019

Deuteronomy 29.1-30.20; Luke 11.37-12.7; Psalm 78.1-31; Proverbs 12.19-20

Jesus often tells people to not be afraid, which leads me to believe that the people he comes in contact with are often … afraid. Why do you think people would fear Jesus? How do you react to him and how do his words bring you comfort?


One of the ways it becomes easier to obey God is to remember what he has done. What has God done in your life that prompts you to obey him?

How were the Pharisees unclean on the inside, even if they were clean on the outside?

Do you listen to God’s instruction? How can you do that more?

How have words of truth you have said continued to be not only true, but also valuable over a long amount of time?

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