Eternal Life – April 3, 2019

Deuteronomy 23.1-25.19; Luke 10.13-37; Psalm 75.1-10; Proverbs 12.12-14

When we read that an expert in the law tested Jesus by asking hm about eternal life, we are prone to ignore the significance of his question. It was just a test, we think. Yet if we are honest, isn’t it a question we ask often? We may not be so bold as to say it out loud, but I wonder how often we try to evaluate what is and isn’t a “requirement” for following Jesus. When you think about following Jesus, do you simply enumerate what it is you HAVE to do?


In what ways do you live your life so as to leave excess (excess time, excess money, excess energy) for those who are on the outside or on the fringes?

How have you been neighborly today?

What gratitudes would you list today for which you are thankful to God?

Are you jealous of others or content with your own fruit? How do you focus on your own life, rather than worrying about others?

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