Conversations – April 1, 2019

Deuteronomy 18.1-20.20; Luke 9.28-50; Psalm 73.1-28; Proverbs 12.10

Can you imagine what it would have felt like to be a fly on the wall in the midst of the conversation between Jesus, Moses, and Elijah? As Jesus prepares for his “exodus,” here he is visiting with some of the greatest leaders God’s people have ever known, who also had experienced their own exoduses of a sort. This is the kind of group that would make up your list of “If you could invite anyone to a dinner party…” folk. I wonder how we can surround ourselves with people who would be witnesses of God’s working in their own lives to help each of us live ours better. Who would be on your list, if you were having a conversation with these types of people?


Describe a time when you faced an enemy or a situation that seemed far greater than your own abilities, yet were not afraid because of the presence of God with you.

Do you listen to Jesus?

Have you ever felt like the psalmist, distracted by those who seemed to be prosperous, yet also wicked? How did you resolve that tension?

In what ways do you agree with the writer of Proverbs, who says that our treatment of animals reflects our godly character? Have you ever thought about this connection before?

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