Afraid! – March 29, 2019

Deuteronomy 11.1-12.32; Luke 8.22-39; Psalm 70.1-5; Proverbs 12.4

In the text from Luke’s gospel, we have two stories of fear. One demonstrates the fear of disciples who, according to Luke, “were in real danger.” Yet, Jesus questions if they had faith. In the other, the townspeople, upon seeing the demoniac healed, in his right mind, and sitting visiting with Jesus, are afraid of the power that had been demonstrated by Jesus. No real danger and probably no real reason to be afraid. Given these two stories, what do you think Luke is trying to teach us about fear here?


Why was it so enticing for the Israelites to follow the worship and customs of the people in the land they were about to occupy? In what ways is this still true for us today?

How could Jesus nap in the midst of such a storm?

How have you found joy in your search for God?

How would you describe, using language of today, a “worthy wife?” How about a “disgraceful wife?” How do we keep on the right side of this contrast?

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