Requirements – March 28, 2019

Deuteronomy 9.1-10.22; Luke 8.4-21; Psalm 69.19-26; Proverbs 12.2-3

Every semester, college students file into their new courses and receive a syllabus. On that piece of paper, there is a list of things that student will be expected to do, the requirements for that specific course. Students who read the syllabus and follow the instructions listed on that paper will discover their semester goes much better than the students who simply toss the syllabus to the side without ever reading through it. The question for us is when the Lord tells us what he requires, do we listen and obey, or do we simply go on doing our own thing?


What are ways that you assume your life is blessed by God because of how wonderful you are, instead of how wonderful he is? How can you flip that?

When you tell someone to do something, how do you know they have heard you? When God gives you instructions, how will he know you heard him?

Have you ever cried out like the psalmist did: If only one person would comfort me? How do we find comfort in God when it seems like no one around us will offer us any comfort?

How have you seen wickedness bring about instability in the lives of those who practice it?

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