Final Words – March 23, 2019

Numbers 36.1 – Deuteronomy 1.46; Luke 5.29-6.11; Psalm 66.1-20; Proverbs 11.24-26

The book of Deuteronomy is basically three speeches given by Moses to the people of Israel just before they enter the Promised Land. Moses would not go into the land with them, he would die before entering. He was aware of this, yet was still trying to encourage the people as the entered. After what we have read about Moses and his relationship with the people of Israel, what do you think your final words to the people would have been if you were him?


How do you think the people felt when they realized what should have taken 11 days travel actually took 40 years?

In what ways do you work to save lives versus destroy them in the way you treat others?

As you tell others to come and listen to you, what stories will you tell them about what God has done for you?

Describe a time when refreshing others has created a time of refreshing for you?

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