I Am Sinful – March 21, 2019

Numbers 32.1-33.39; Luke 4.31-5.11; Psalm 64.1-10; Proverbs 11.22

I often wonder what we would do if Jesus walked in the door today? While I certainly believe we have open access to a relationship with God, I have my suspicions that we would not walk over and give him a high five. Instead, like Simon, I think we would hit the floor, for we are sinful people. In the presence of deity, our sinfulness seems that much greater, doesn’t it? How are you addressing the sinfulness in your life as you come before God today?


A list of the places the Israelites had traveled can only mean the journey is drawing to a close. How do you think the Israelites feel, camped along the Jordan River overlooking the Promised Land?

What implications are there for our own ministry when we read that Jesus insisted that he had to go to other towns to preach?

Who are the enemies you seek protection from? How does your list compare to the enemies of the psalmist?

What can you say … have discretion. How have you seen a lack of discretion render someone helpless and pointless, like gold in a pig’s nose?

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