Good News – March 20, 2019

Numbers 30.1-31.54; Luke 4.1-30; Psalm 63.1-11; Proverbs 11.20-21

What is God obligated to do for you? I know, the question probably makes you uncomfortable. It’s a little too direct for our liking. Yet many of us have some sort of idea as to what following God will do for us. We have expectations about the role of Jesus in our lives, just like the Jewish people did about the Messiah. For many of them, they assumed they would receive great reward. Imagine their surprise when the Good News was for the poor, the captives, the blind, etc. How have you seen the Good News of Jesus impact those who need it most, versus those who have it all together?


Why was God so concerned about Israel fully defeating the Midianites?

What reasons might the people in Nazareth have given as to why they were so upset about Jesus’ mention of the widow of Zarephath?

How do you earnestly search for God?

What things do you do to keep your integrity intact?

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