Wait Quietly – March 19, 2019

Numbers 28.16-29.40; Luke 3.23-38; Psalm 62.1-12; Proverbs 11.18-19

One easy way to understand what God is saying in Psalm 62 when he writes “wait quietly” is to think of a child right before Christmas. They can hardly keep still, they are so excited. Everything in them is awash with movement, longing for that moment when they can open their presents. In fact, they may even go so far as to try and peek at the present or at the very least, shake it to so they can determine what is inside. This is NOT the picture of waiting on the Lord. How do you picture someone waiting quietly before God?


Why do you think the people of Israel needed this reminder (see Leviticus 23) about the ways the Feasts were to be performed?

Why is our lineage so important? Why was it important for Luke to include Jesus’ lineage?

How have you received honor because of following God?

In what ways has God brought you life?

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