Passing the Baton – March 18, 2019

Numbers 26.52-28.15; Luke 3.1-22; Psalm 61.1-8; Proverbs 11.16-17

As we continue to follow the story of God’s people Israel, we will soon discover that leadership is an important part of their successes or failures. I think it is significant that Moses, upon hearing he would die soon, is concerned that God give the people a new leader. How well do we plan for leaders of faith in our lives? How can we do a better job of this?


No one on the census of individuals we read yesterday was on the previous census taken before the people wandered the wilderness. Based on what you know about the story of Israel, what should we expect to happen next to the people?

What do John’s responses to the people’s questions of “What should we do…” tell you about what it means to follow Jesus?

How would God’s leading you to “the towering rock” look today? What situations are happening in your life where you need to allow him to lead you and provide you safety?

How have you shown kindness to someone today?

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