This Is A Big One – March 17, 2019

Numbers 26.1-51; Luke 2.36-52; Psalm 60.1-12; Proverbs 11.15

Someone I know, when talking about important decisions or struggles he is facing, admits that he often says to God: “This is a big one, Lord, you better let me handle it.” In what ways do you do the same? And how do we move to a place where we can say to God: “Please help us … human help is useless”?


What significance is there to the fact that we have a whole chapter recording a census of the people of Israel? How does this help us as we work to be better followers of Jesus?

We know Jesus was found at age 12 visiting with the teachers of the law (who were amazed at his understanding, by the way). What other events do you think Mary faced while raising the Son of God that caused her to have to pause and reflect on who her son really was?

How does God’s holiness help give you comfort to rely on his promises?

Why would putting up deposit for a stranger’s debt be a concern for people trying to follow God?

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