Glory to God – March 16, 2019

Numbers 24.1-25.18; Luke 2.1-35; Psalm 59.1-17; Proverbs 11.14

Have you ever had one of those “mountaintop” experiences? A moment when your faith and God’s glory seemed to connect in a way that exceeded your everyday ordinary moments? And you never wanted that moment or that experience to end, for fear that joy would go away? It is interesting that the shepherds, after hearing from the heavenly host and after checking out this new-born Messiah for themselves, simply go back to their flocks, praising God. How have you spent your ordinary day today full of praise for an extraordinary God?


Who are people in your life that are ones who hear the words of God and share them with you? How can you listen to them more?

How do you think you would have reacted to Simeon’s blessing had you been Mary or Joseph?

In what ways have you relied on the “unfailing love” of God to sustain you, especially when you were being attacked by your enemies?

Do you have many advisors, who lead you in the way of the Lord? Who else can you include in your list of Godly, wise leaders?

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