A Word from the Lord – March 14, 2019

Numbers 21.2-22.20; Luke 1.26-56; Psalm 57.1-11; Proverbs 11.9-11

The story of Balaam provides us an opportunity to better understand what it means to be a prophet for God. While I would not claim we have the same status as a prophet like him, I do think we each have an opportunity to speak words from God to others. When we do, are we going to speak the words they want to hear, or are we going to speak a true word from the Lord?


Would you consider yourself “powerless” to do anything against the will of the Lord? What would it take for us to be in a place where we feel this way?

How well do you think we would respond to the news Mary received? Are we willing to say: “I am the Lord’s servant?”

How does God fulfill his purposes in you?

When have you seen a city celebrate because of the godly succeeding?

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