Silent – March 10, 2019

Numbers 14.1-15.16; Mark 14.53-72; Psalm 53.1-6; Proverbs 11.4

If you were accused of something you did not do, how much effort would you expend to prove you were not guilty? I can’t help but think I would say anything and everything that might help my cause and when people did not listen, I would say it again, only louder. Yet there is something incredibly powerful (truth be told, maybe even speaking louder than all the voices!) of someone accused, yet refusing to defend himself or herself from false accusations. Had you been a bystander during the “trial” of Jesus, how do you think you would have reacted to his silence?


Can you think of a time when you refused to listen to someone trying to persuade you to follow God in the midst of a trial or during a choice you had to make? How did not listening turn out for you?

How maddening would it have been for Jesus to have to sit and listen to the Jewish religious leaders try to find people whose stories would align, all the while seeing them not being able to do so?

If God looked down form heaven today to see if anyone was truly wise and followed him, what response do you think he would give? How does your life support or detract from that response?

Riches versus right living. Which would you prefer?

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