What’s It Going To Take? – March 9, 2019

Numbers 11.24-13.33; Mark 14.22-52; Psalm 52.1-9; Proverbs 11.1-3

If we had been counting from the time God appeared to the Israelites in Egypt to this point in our story, how many miraculous, powerful things do you think we would have seen God do? Just a cursory reading indicates that at every turn, God was with his people. He provided them with everything they needed and rescued them when they needed his power the most. So just why would the Israelites, specifically they 12 spies, suddenly decide God was not powerful enough to defeat the people of Canaan? Are we ever guilty of doing the same thing?


Moses is described as the most humble man that ever walked the face of the earth. Why does God use the most humble people to do the greatest good?

Jesus requests that God use some other way besides the crucifixion to accomplish his purposes. In other words, Jesus was not exactly wild about the suffering he was about to undergo. What does this tell you about his humanity? About the trials and suffering you might face?

Why would someone boast about wrong doings, when they should be repenting?

When have you seen honesty guide good people, or a more modern way of saying this: a time when honesty proved to be the best policy?

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