Whiners – March 8, 2019

Numbers 10.1-11.23; Mark 14.1-21; Psalm 51.1-19; Proverbs 10.31-32

I would like to say it is never the case, but truthfully, it is too often the case. The Lord provides for his people, no, the Lord provides for me, but I quickly forget his blessings, his power, his care for me. And what do I do? Whine about it. Complain about what I do NOT have, ignoring what I DO have. What about you? How do we keep from missing the blessings and whining about it?


Why would anyone ever think that God was not powerful enough to do what he said he would or what he promised to do?

In what ways do we criticize the worship and praise of others, even when it is subtle or perhaps, when we feel it is justified? How do Jesus’ comments to Simon change how you approach your criticism?

Pray Psalm 51 today.

Are your words helpful?

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