Give Thanks – March 7, 2019

Numbers 8.1-9.23; Mark 13.14-37; Psalm 50.1-23; Proverbs 10.29-30

We should not be surprised when people working to help us live a better, fuller life recommend listing the things for which you are grateful. The simple act of saying “Thanks” results in a myriad of blessings. (If you have practiced the discipline of regular gratitude, you know first hand the importance of this simple act.) God calls upon his people, in the midst of their doing their best to NOT follow him, to give thanks, allowing their thanksgivings to be the sacrifice you bring before God. For what are you thankful today?


What advantages do you think there would be in having God direct your comings and goings via a cloud or some other similar method? Can you think of any disadvantages to this?

Do Jesus’ words about the end times scare you? How can we live with assurance even though we do not know the exact time Christ will return again?

Psalm 50 is set like a courtroom scene, with God coming to accuse his people of their lack of full obedience to him. If God were going to bring you on trial, what sort of things do you think he would say about you?

How has God proven to be a stronghold, an unmoving, consistent force, in your life?

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