Badges? We Don’t Need No Badges! – March 4, 2019

Numbers 2.1-3.51; Mark 11.27-12.17 Psalm 47.1-9; Proverbs 10.24-25

There is a bit of irony that the “religious leaders,” those over the Temple, would come to Jesus to ask him, the Son of God, who gave him the authority or the right to perform the acts he was performing. Why didn’t they know who God was? Was their desire for their ways to remain intact so strong, it blinded them to the wonders of Jesus? (They were later amazed, it should be noted.) Do we ever assume our own authority over how God should work in this world today?


We are told where the different Israelite tribes were to line up around the Tabernacle, but not why. Why do you think they were to line up in this pattern?

Why do you think the religious leaders were afraid to arrest Jesus on account of the crowds? What did the crowds have to do with it?

What reasons do you have to “Shout to God with joyful praise”?

What storms in your life have proven the worth of your Godly foundation?

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