Doh! – March 2, 2019

Leviticus 25.47-27.13; Mark 10.32-52; Psalm 45.1-17; Proverbs 10.22

I always have wondered what James and John thought after Jesus’ instructions to the disciples about his death, followed up by their infamous question: Can we sit at your right and left when you are on your glorious throne? (I can just imagine this long, awkward pause from Jesus, who then says: “Really?”) You can’t tell me they do not spent the rest of the day saying to one another: “That was dumb. Really dumb.” I know, because I ask the same type of question far too often and at just the wrong time. How about you? Any questions do you wish you could take back?


Ensuring that people have opportunity to be released for their bondage is a recurring theme throughout the book of Leviticus. How do we work to ensure people are free from their own bondage today?

Why do you think people wanted to quiet blind Bartimaeus?

In what ways would the psalmist be able to say of you: “You love justice and hate evil?”

Richness that comes from God does not have sorry attached to it. How have you seen richness apart from God produce sorrow?

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