Cut It Off! – February 28, 2019

Leviticus 22.17-23.44; Mark 9.30-10.12; Psalm 44.1-8; Proverbs 10.19

Sin is often something we just assume is a part of our lives. We know we never act sinless, so just grow accustomed to having sinful behaviors be a part of what happens day in and day out. Too often, we do not even try to avoid it … we just accept it and the things that cause it. Jesus says this is not the best practice. We need to get rid of those things that create sin in and around is, even if it means a drastic change to accomplish this. How are you focused on ridding yourself of sin?


Why does God give the Israelites festivals to observe throughout the year?

Why does Jesus want to keep his location a secret while he is teaching his disciples? What about his teaching topic would have been important for Jesus to have his disciple’s undivided attention?

What would your ancestors tell you about God at work in their lives? What will you tell your descendants?

“Be sensible and keep your mouth shut.” Describe a time when you wish you would have kept this advice.

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