Patiently Waiting – February 23, 2019

Leviticus 14.1-57; Mark 6.30-56; Psalm 40.1-10; Proverbs 10.11-12

With the invention of new technology, we can talk to anyone anywhere at any moment. We can even see people as we are talking to them! We do not have to wait for a store to open in order to purchase something (, anyone?) and often do not have to wait more than a day to receive our purchase (Again, (To my point: the only time I go to a brick and mortar bookstore is because I want to pick up my book TODAY, not tomorrow.) So in an instantaneous society, does waiting for the Lord even make sense anymore? If your answer is “No,” you probably need to slow down a bit. Be patient … he will hear your cry.


How often do we think of not only our own holiness, but also the spaces we occupy when we attempt to be faithful to God? How well does your space reflect God’s glory and presence?

“You feed them.” In what ways do you think Jesus knew exactly what would happen in this story and was just testing his apostles? How can we also be encouraged to act in faith on God’s instructions?

Do you share the good news of God and the things he has done for you or keep them hidden/unspoken? How can you share this good news more?

Many of the proverbs we are reading contrast wisdom and following God with folly and doing evil. Which side of this equation do you desire to follow? How?

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