Rushing for Nothing – February 22, 2019

Leviticus 13.1-59; Mark 6.1-29; Psalm 39.1-13; Proverbs 10.10

We rush too much! Our life on earth is brief, yet we spend it going as fast as we can, failing to appreciate the moments we have been given. When even the Psalmist points out that our “busy rushing ends in nothing,” we rush too much. Take a moment today to stop, sit quietly, and reflect on God’s goodness.


Those who were unclean were also sent out of camp, left in isolation. How painful would it have been to not only be considered “unclean,” but also removed from those you loved and who cared for you the most?

Why do you think it would have been difficult for Jesus’ disciples to go out two-by-two taking nothing but a walking stick? How difficult would this be for you to do?

What are ways you can be reminded of how short life really is? How will you respond to this fact?

Describe a time that you gave a bold reproof that lead to peace in a tense or difficult situation.

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