Desperation – February 21, 2019

Leviticus 11.1-12.8; Mark 5.21-43; Psalm 38.1-22; Proverbs 10.8-9

What would cause you to reach out, uninvited, to touch the robe of Jesus? Fear that your request would be turned down? Knowledge that you might be considered “unclean” and unworthy of healing? Desperation? It was a bold move, whatever the case. It was also life-saving. What things in your life are at the point where you are ready to make a desperate lunge in faith for unbelievable healing?


How might God being the author of life be the reason for the number of laws pertaining to things that are dead?

Jesus repeatedly says: Don’t be afraid. What needs to happen for us to take him at his word?

Describe a time when your sin felt like a physical illness? What “cured” you of this sickness?

Do you appreciate instruction from others? What can you do to make yourself more open to other’s wisdom?

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