Who do you hang out with? – February 17, 2019

Leviticus 4.1-5.19; Mark 2.13-3.6; Psalm 36.1-12; Proverbs 10.1-2

When we think of Jesus, the image of someone holy comes to mind. A natural extension of this thinking would be that the people around him would also be “holy” people, meaning people who do good and act good, etc. Mark paints a different picture for us: Jesus hung out with tax collectors, sinners, and in the words of the Pharisees, scum. So when you begin to think about living like Jesus, who are the people you think of to go to first?


Our entire OT reading today is about what to do about sins that were unintentionally committed. How concerned should we be about those sins, particularly in light of a culture that seems to be very unconcerned about the notion of sin in general?

The only time Jesus is ever mentioned as being “angry” is this story we read today. What makes you angry? How does this compare to Jesus?

How does sin compare to God’s unfailing love?

If you are a parent, you certainly relate to the writer of Proverbs and the comparison between wise and foolish children. How do we work to help our children remain wise, rather than foolish?

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