Shhhh – February 16, 2019

Leviticus 1.1-3.17; Mark 1.29-2.12; Psalm 35.17-28; Proverbs 9.13-18

Jesus often tells individuals he has healed to not tell anyone what he has done. It happens so often scholars have a name for it: The Messianic Secret. Most likely, Jesus does this so people will not make wrong assumptions about his role as the Savior. But you have to wonder, who WOULDN’T want to tell everyone what Jesus had done for you?


Leviticus is a bunch of laws that seem crazy and out of touch with where we are today (understandably so). What sort of understanding do we gain about God form reading through these?

What does it take for us to see people in need and be “moved to compassion?” How can we have a clearer vision to see those in need better?

Do you ever feel like God is sitting around and doing nothing for you? How does this psalm resolve that tension?

What would you mother say if you brought home someone like Folly?

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