Camel Hair and Locusts – February 15, 2019

Exodus 39.1-40.38; Mark 1.1-28; Psalm 35.1-16; Proverbs 9.11-12

If John the Baptist showed up at a worship service today, we probably would think he was some sort of kook … if we even let him stay. You have to ask yourself: What’s with the crazy outfit? Yet the people came from all of Judea to see him. They saw something in him–and his outfit–that perhaps we miss when we are focused on his outfit too much. Maybe a better question is this: What does it look like for someone to appear as a messenger for God in such a way that “all the people” want to hear the message?


Why is it significant that the writer of Exodus says at least three different times in this section that Moses did “just as the Lord commanded him?”

All throughout the Bible, demons recognize and state who Jesus is: the Holy One of God. Do we recognize this?

Have you ever felt like the writer of today’s psalm? How do we seek God’s retribution on others in holy and healthy ways, versus vindictive and evil ways?

How have you experienced the benefit of Godly wisdom?

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