Slow to Anger – February 12, 2019

Exodus 34.1-35.9; Matthew 27.15-31; Psalm 33.12-22; Proverbs 9.1-6

Angry people are no fun to be around. How often do we seek out someone who could be characterized by their rage against others, seeking to spend time just “hanging out and being angry?” We don’t, which is why it is such a comfort to read that God is a “God of compassion … slow to anger and filled with unfailing love.”


Why was making a treaty with the people of the land the Israelites were to inhabit such a bad idea?

What purpose do you sense Matthew was trying to accomplish by describing the reactions to Jesus of both Pilate and his wife?

In what ways have you seen God watch over those who fear him?

The persona of wisdom is much like God and righteousness: it seeks the simple to give them wisdom, versus them having to have wisdom before they are accepted. How is this a word of comfort for you?

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